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Dr. Robbie Berman (Dr. Robbie) has been a family chiropractor in Ajax since 2003.  He has focused much of his time on health and lifetime wellness in the Ajax community.  He has always been very active in sports and fascinated by the mechanics of the human body.  He is continuously learning and updating his skills by attending seminars, reading health journals and attending health conferences.  1991, Dr. Robbie attended the University of Western Ontario graduating with a BSc in Biology (Dean’s Honour Roll).  Truly interested in what  makes the human body tick, Dr. Robbie attended Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto.  He completed his four-year Chiropractic training in 1995 graduating Summa Cum Laude with Clinical Honours.  His formal education continued for another three years to attain his Fellowship in Chiropractic Rehabilitation Sciences in 1999. He continues his ongoing learning by taking advanced courses in pediatrics, peri-natal care, and pregnancy, and uses gentle hands-on techniques such as Thompson drop table technique, Webster breech protocol and Torque Release technique. 

Dr. Robbie’s early career focused on sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, and other physical traumas but chiropractic is much bigger than that!  Although Dr. Robbie is very knowledgeable and remains active with elite athletes, like being part of the PAN AM games health team for events in Ajax in 2015, he really enjoys and cherishes providing care to families.  Having witnessed the amazing results of chiropractic on so many patients, he chooses to bring the message and his talents to the broader population.  He and his family (you might see his daughter Dayle at the office) are under regular chiropractic care (Dr. Robbie for over 20 years) and they can tell you first-hand, how wonderful life is being healthy without the use of daily medication.  Dr. Robbie makes himself readily available to discuss your health issues. Come in to discuss what he can do for you and your family. 


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  • "Dr. Mark and Dr. Mike are both dedicated doctors who go out of their way for their patients, and are constantly striving to provide the best care possible. Highly recommended!"
    Byron M.
  • "I've known Dr. Mark and Dr. Mike for more than a decade now. I have always been so impressed by them and their commitment to the people they serve. They are truly gifted Doctors and healers! Thanks Dr. Mike and Dr. Mark for all you do for me and so many others!"
    Mark F.